What Is Lotimus?

Lotimus started with a simple objective: build out a series of vivid mindscapes, populate them with challenges, imbed them with wisdom, and take listeners into them for one epic journey after another.  In every mind journey, YOU become the avatar—moving, questing, seeking, growing wiser. In short, you become the Journeyer.

You might ask, “If my mind is so active in these mindscapes, can the experience really be described as meditative?”

Good question!  Consider this.  A useful meditation practice helps you learn to return again and again to the Now. Whatever the practice, whatever the tradition from which it comes, its value derives from helping you, the practitioner, come into the Now.

A Lotimus mind journey works similarly. In fact, each journey transports you instantly to a vivid Now via both the world of the mindscape and the rich narrative that accompanies it.  Once you start the journey, your experience unfolds exclusively in the Now!

Have a listen, become the Journeyer, and decide!